Justin Verrengia Coaching

Justin Verrengia Coaching

Coach Justin Verrengia is designed and developed to give you a definitive guide on how you can start working with a winning team online and boost your global outreach.

There is savvy sayings related to why I created this site for you – along the lines of –

“its not what you know, its who you know” or “you are who you surround yourself with” or “your network is your networth” or “you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around most” –

I think you get my drift – to win online you must follow, friend, and find the right people to get around with the right information for real results.

Are you an inspiring internet marketer and looking for someone to help guide and mentor you into success?

You may have just found the perfect people in Million Dollar Earners D and Justin Verrengia; who are consciously committed to helping train, coach, and mentor you through the trials and tribulations that invariably and inevitably come with starting a home based business.

Professionals who lead by heart and first-hand example, Justin and D Verrengia are open and willing to showing you the rigid ropes and slippery slopes the digital waters can bring you.

What Can You Learn From The Hippie Jedi?

How To Stop Worrying and Learn To Love The Hippie: A Guide For Corporate Types

Some of us just plain thrive on stress. You know: Corporate go-getter types who declare themselves “type-A” while chugging their fourth or fifth caramel soy triple protein cappa-frappa-mocha-cino of the day. These people need constant stress and worry and anxiety to really get things done. To really feel alive.

You’ve probably heard of people like this – heck, you might have the misfortune of being one yourself. This may go against everything you’ve ever heard about successful people, but here’s something you should know: The people described above don’t actually exist.

Sure, people who claim to thrive in stressful situations do exist, but they’re lying to themselves. No one – and I mean no one – actually enjoys this kind of lifestyle. Worry, stress and anxiety make you unhappy, and if you’re unhappy… well, you’re not happy. Simple as that.

Learning To Be Yourself

From the very first time you look at him, you know that Justin Verrengia, Hippie Jedi, is nothing like these overstressed type-A people. As his nickname would suggest, Verrengia is a hippie and has zero shame about it. It’s who he is and it’s a major part of the Empower Network’s guiding principles.

He is who he is, a fact which he is completely unapologetic about and has no desire to change. He also wants you to be exactly who you are. In fact, it’s one of the biggest things that you’ll take away from he and his wife D’s teachings.

Justin & D Verrengia stress that you won’t find professional success until you learn to be yourself. For those of us who have fallen victim to the corporate rat race and have spent years pretending to be someone else, this lesson is an absolute godsend. Take it a step further by not shying away from promoting the heck out of who you really are.

Justin and D became successful because they weren’t ashamed to make their real selves completely and widely known. To really succeed, you have to do the same.

The Right State of Mind

Justin Verrengia is a meditation and yoga junky. He’s a proud hippie and doesn’t stress. That may seem counter-intuitive to finding success, but the opposite is actually true. With the right frame of mind, Justin attracts positive results, even when he is meditating instead of stressing in the middle of the workday.

Apply the same principle to your own life. You’ll never be successful if you aren’t in the right frame of mind to bring about success. People want success because they want to be happy, but that is a ludicrous way of thinking. Instead, be happy now. As in, right this very second.

Justin Verrengia Training

Justin Verrengia training is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to find success, prosperity and happiness without having to work themselves to the bone or exist in a constant state of stress and worry. If you’re ready to find success without being a stress junky, the lifestyle of D & Justin Verrengia cam be what takes you from moderately successful and miserable to wildly successful and effortlessly happy.

Justin Verrengia The Hippie Jedi

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